Isla Mujeres Sunset Tour

Spend an incredible afternoon with the sunset, navigating over the turquoise waters of Cancun to Isla Mujeres in the company of that special someone. Walk the streets of this “Pueblo Mágico” -Magic Town- in the Mexican Caribbean. And you cannot leave without enjoying one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole country: Playa Norte, very shallow and calm, you can walk and swim for many meters, like an ocean swimming pool. The perfect day to enjoy the beach with less intense sun and without sargassum. With the whitest and most delicate sand on the peninsula. Soft drinks, water, and cocktails on board in a musical atmosphere. This is a perfect afternoon for your vacation in Cancun.!!

From $67.00 USD
Tour code: 644254

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Tour date*
(age 13-99)
(age 4-12)
(age 0-3)
Booking totals:
Free cancelation
 Up to 24 hours in advance


Duration: 6 Hours
Age: Everyone
Level: Very easy
  • A very enjoyable cruise in the Cancun Bay :  The  sea section between Cancun and Isla Mujeres is known for its calm waters and a wonderful view of the Cancun coastline.
  • Perfect evening for Friends, Family and Couples : Isla Mujeres is a must in Cancun Vacations, and this is one of the best ways for many reasons. Less intense sun, shopping from local handcrafters, Amazing Swimming time in Playa Norte, Great Atmosphere onboard catamaran.
  • Half a day experience:  No need to wake up early and be away all day long.
  • Isla Mujeres has less visitors in the evening . Therefore  this is a more enjoyable visit with a different flavor  in its warmth and gentle breeze as the sunset approaches.
  • Covid and health measure’s: All our  facilities and equipment are perfectly sanitized. We want travelers to relax. and have fun knowing that we are following strict Covid guidelines.
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  Round Trip Transportation

  Soft drinks, water and cocktails

  Navigation around Isla Mujeres Bay

  Free time in Isla Mujeres downtown

  Swimming and Sunset Playa Norte

NOT included

  Beer cash bar on board

  $15 us Pier and Marine Park Preservation Tax

  Gratuities ( at your discretion)

Start your evening with Hotel Pick Up

Expect to be picked up right at your hotel door in Cancun, in the afternoon . Your climate-controlled vehicle is equipped with hand sanitizers for your comfort and safety.

Down town Sightseeing

Our local Isla Mujeres host will take on a walking tour providing many interesting details of the island history, visit the Malecon and the Local Church

Free Time Downtown

The streets of Isla Mujeres display family owned handcraft shops with handmade hammocks, decorated hats, seashell jewelry and more .

Playa Norte Beach

Get ready for the sunset while enjoying the serene beach , and your favorite drink.

Return to marina

Enjoy the ride and the beautiful sights of the Mexican Caribbean Horizon and get ready to board your transportation to your hotel




  Flip Flops or water shoes

  Extra money for souvenirs

Not wheelchair accessible
Children must be accompanied by an adult

Health restrictions: No Serious Medical Conditions,

COVID-19 health and safety measures

  • Face masks required for travelers in public areas
  • Hand sanitizer available to travelers and staff
  • Social distancing enforced throughout experience
  • Equipment sanitized between use
  • Transportation vehicles regularly sanitized

If a full refund is required, please cancel at least 24 hours prior to the start date of the activity.


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