Chichen Itza Mayan Holistic with Temazcal Experience Private Tour

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Experience overview

Chichen Itza with a Temazcal Experience carried out by a Mayan Shaman; Your own personal guide will take you on a A/C first class vehicle fully insured and sanitized. To ensure safety this is a private tour for small groups and families who need to get customized pick up and drop off service . The tour guide will go deep into the ancient Mayan world and the mysteries each building in Chichen Itza has in store. The tour includes a delicious regional lunch and optional Vegan and Vegetarian menus. The Temazcal experience is followed by a refreshing swim in the beautiful cenote Oxman. Do not wait any longer and join us in this amazing tour.

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Duration: 9-10 Hours
Age: All ages
Level: Moderate
  • We go beyond traditional sightseeing . Our bilingual guides have spent years learning all there is to know about Chichén Itzá. Expect to see the famous sights, as well as hidden gems.
  • Fresh, local ingredients are on the lunch menu. On the Yucatan Peninsula, our food goes beyond tacos and burritos. At lunch, you get to taste traditional Mexican dishes and drinks prepared right before your eyes. Expect rice, fresh fish, and tender meat; we can ensure vegan dishes, too.
  • We support our local Mayan artisans . On our stop in Valladolid, we want you to meet the people who bring our Mayan history and culture to life. We hope to show you their crafts and give you a brief moment to connect, even if it’s just to say hello.
  • Experience some of the best cenotes. The Riviera Maya is dotted in gorgeous cenotes (think Mother Earth’s swimming pools). While each offers its own beauty, on this day trip you get to swim at the Oxman cenote just outside of Valladolid.
  • Safety is important to us. On our tours, we want travelers to relax and have fun knowing that we are following strict Covid guidelines. If we have to change our itinerary for any reason, we will communicate that to you in advance.


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  Round trip transportation

  Guided tour and free time in Chichen Itza.

  •Visit to artisan’s village.

  Regional Lunch Buffet (drinks not included during lunch)

  Temazcal Experience with Mayan Shaman

  Bottled water, soft drinks & Beer

  Wet refreshing wipes

NOT included

  Vegetarian and Vegan optional menu

  Life Vest & Locker Rental

  Drinks During Lunch

Hotel Pick Up Service From Cancun or Playa del Carmen

Visit Artisan work shop

You will also learn about our local cultural expressions as we visit a master-artisan`s workshop where you can observe the replication process of historical pieces, as well of original modern creations by the masters` apprentices. Like Jade Mayan Masks, and other semi-precious stones.

Chichen Itza Visit with Private Guided Service

Our tour guide will walk with you throughout the main buildings . You will get to know a little better the way in which the ancestors of this land perceived our connection with the earth, with nature, and its elements; Here, from the underworld and those in the celestial vault . How they lived as a society and how they lived such a mystic period in time. The Mayan People were able to gain in-depth knowledge of earth natural cycles, agricultural harvest`s rotation; As well as a profound astronomical insight.

Lunch Time

Now speaking about unique flavors . For lunch you will taste a delicious variety of the emblematic dishes of Yucatan Cuisine with our included regular menu with options of chicken, fish, beef, pork, steamed vegetables, fresh fruit, salads and deserts. For our vegetarian and vegan visitors, we have created different well-balanced menus per season with delicious dishes featuring our regional flavors taking advantage of our local organic products prepared by a professional vegan-vegetarian nutritionist born and raised here. ***It is essential to reserve this special menu in advance. At additional symbolic cost. Please use the add-on function to book for the number of persons with this menu.***

Temazcal Experience

You will be able to live the sensory experience of being inside a Temazcal, which was used by different peoples of the pre-Hispanic world, as a form of healing and therapy for our body and approach towards reaching our interior-self. This with the accompaniment of a Mayan Shaman, who speaks in his language and although we do not understand it, you will be able to experience what most of our visitors have described as a feeling of tranquility, peace, and well-being.

Cenote Swim

After the Temazcal warm experience, you will complete to re-energize and refresh your body energy with a fresh swim in the beautiful Cenote Oxman.

Return to your Hotel

  Confortable Shoes

  Extra change of clothes

  •Bring Bathing Suit and Towel

  •If you use Sunscreen or mosquito repellent, please make sure they are bio degradable.

  Extra money for souvenirs

  • Minimum 4 Persons
  • Not wheelchair accesible
  • Infant seats available
  • Stroller Accesible except for the cenote

Health Restrictions

  • Not suitable for persons with serious medical conditions

COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures

  • Facemask required for travellers in public areas
  • Hand Sanitizer available

•Free charge cancelation at least 48 hours in advance before the start of the tour. • For private tours, cancellation received less than 48 Hours before the services begin: You will be charged 20% cancellation fee. Cancellation received 24 hours before services begin: You will be charged 50% cancellation fee. Cancellation received 24 hours or less before the service no refunds will apply. You will be charged a 100% cancellation fee (no refund). • If travelers miss the by failing to be on time and place. No refunds will be given. In case of force majeure or cancellation due to inclement weather, it may be rescheduled for another time or day according to availability.

What would be the best time to chose my hotel Pickup?

7:00 am or 8:00 am is a good time to start .

What is a Temazcal?

Temazcal is a low heat sweat lodge. It was used by ancient Mesoamerican indigenous peoples. For improving health and healing the sick as well spiritual healing. The term comes from the Nahuatl word “temāzcalli “. It is regularly shaped like a dome, representing the uterus. The steam inside is produced by pouring water over preheated stones. The use medicinal herbs and or scents like copal are commonly used. Some of the health benefits related to the Temazcal: Relieves contractions, helps improve circulatory system and its defenses, helps detoxify the body, stimulates skin regeneration, helps varicose vein problems. Body and mind relaxation and a sense of a special connection with oneself and mother earth.

How active do I need to be to take this tour?

Most of the pathways around Chichen Itza are flat and paved. There will be moderate walking during the guided tour, which lasts over an hour, but plenty of shaded areas to sit and rest. Swimming in the cenote is optional, and life vests are required.

What do I see on this Chichen Itza tour?

El Castillo, the Temple of Warriors, and the Great Ball Court are some of the famous places you’ll see, but expect your guide to show you other important landmarks such as the North Temple, the Steam Bath, Sacbe Number One, and El Mercado.

Why was Chichen Itza famous?

Typically, some 1.8 million people travel to see Chichen Itza. Upon arriving you’ll quickly see why it is a UNESCO-designated site that was once the ancient city of the Itza people. One of the most spectacular sights is at spring and autumn equinoxes when a shadow zigzags down the side of El Castillo, representing the feathered serpent king, Kukulkan. Whether it was intended, or a delightful accident of the builders, will be something we talk about on tour

Is Chichen Itza worth visiting?

For us in Mexico, Chichen Itza represents the ingenuity of our Mayan ancestors. The grounds are connected by a network of roads called sacbe, and to think many of these stone monuments have survived thousands of years is astonishing. Standing before the nearly 100-foot-tall pyramid El Castillo, with its 365 stone steps, is a sight you won’t forget.

Is the water in the Cenote shallow?

The waters are deep and swimming skills are required. For your safety life vests are available.

Is the entrance fee to Chichen Itza included in my ticket?

The entrance fee for the archaeological site is included as well as the entrance to the Cave Cenote

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