Transfers information

Welcome passenger!

Thank you very much for booking with Cancun Vacation Experts. It will be a pleasure to transfer you to your destination, your reservation has been confirmed. Once you get your luggage and clear customs, walk straight to the “Prepaid transportation gate”.

Outside our airport, representatives will carry a banner with your name, come up to our representatives and then they will help you meet your driver who will take you to your hotel.

IMPORTANT: Please note that along this same walkway in the terminal, you may encounter timeshare sales agents (indistinguishable from airport staff) who might try to convince you to take another form of transportation, possibly even telling you that Cancun Vacation Experts staff, he is no longer there, or we will not be able to take him.

We suggest that you ignore them and keep walking until you reach the exit of the terminal, where you will be assisted by a professional team wearing our official uniform: a bright green shirt with beige pants with the Cancun Vacation Experts logo. shown in the following image).

Please note: For your departure transfer, it is your responsibility to call or email 48 hours before reconfirming your pick-up time with our customer service center and to verify the flight information with your airline.

If you don’t arrive within the specified time frame, contact Cancun vacation experts prior to your trip or immediately after arriving at your destination. Cancun Vacation Experts opening hours are from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Monday through Sunday.
To the telephone number: 998-251-9231 or 998-227-3022

It will be a pleasure to serve you.