From USD 15

From the blue sky of the city, know and be amazed by the incredible view you will get from the city.

A different way to know Cancun!

To know Cancun is to visit each one of its corners and to know them of all the possible forms. That's why this tour offers you a more unique and totally unique view of the city.

Soar to almost 100 meters in a parachute and watch from its place in the sky the incredible hotel buildings, the sea, mangrove and lagoon, as well as the rest of the city.

You can decide if you want to do it on the side of the lagoon or the sea, we can assure you that either view is an incredible experience that you will want to repeat more than once.

From USD 15

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  • Walk to the place of flight.
  • 12-14 minutes flight.
  • Botled water.
  • Life jacket (Mandatory).


  • $ 8 usd of dock tax.
  • For passengers: SkyRider flight - $ 8 usd dock tax.
  • Photos.


  • Maximum weight: 500 lbs / 250 kg.
  • Not appropriate during pregnancy.
  • There is a cost for extra passengers on the boat (who do not do the activity).
  • In the lagoon: Minimum age to fly: 5 years - Children under 5 years can go as passengers (free).
  • At sea: Minimum age to fly: 6 years old - Maximum age to fly: 65 years old - Children under 5 years old can not go as passengers.


  1. Cancún