Step inside and discover all the secrets that the Mayan World hides.


A civilization full of history and messages that you can discover in one of the most complete tours.


Parque Maya is a tribute to the Mayan culture, presenting their life, their contributions to daily life and traditions in a fun way. Making itself known as the best tour to have fun and learn about the biggest culture of the southeast of Mexico.


Start your adventure with a short film that will show you the origins of this civilization and then fly over the Nichupté Lagoon where you will also have fun with different challenges at a height of 6.4 meters.


Navigate the mangroves of Laguna Nichupté to learn about the local flora and fauna. Then walk along a path where you will admire replicas of Mayan temples and gods. To end these incredible activities, you will know all the details of the Mayan calendar by observing a huge calendar and listening to the guide's explanation.


  • Mayan Visión.        
  • Mayan Flight.       
  • Mayan Journey.    
  • Mayan Path.     
  • Mayan Calendar.


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  • Wear comfortable clothing, and bring good walking shoes or sneakers, a hat, sunglasses, biodegradable sun block.


  1. Cancún